The reason is down to our low margin approach, which needs sharp players to shape markets and generate volume.

Huge limits give bettors the chance to win more

The much anticipated 2015 NRL season is underway, can the Sydney Roosters defend their title or will there be another name on the cup this year?

To prove our commitment and passion for Australian Sports we’ve improved our offerings for the ‘Big Three’ Australian markets – AFL, Super 15 and NRL.

Unrivalled Margins on Australian Sports

The AFL is in full swing and we have unbeatable odds for every week of the season as the Hawks try to win their third straight title.

Winners are welcome – we don’t restrict profitable players

We offer you the best odds across the industry, and unlike the majority of other bookmakers winners are welcome, i.e. Can the Waratahs defend their title?

We have also raised the limits you can bet on Australian Sports to demonstrate how serious we are about offering a committed service and confirm ourselves as the best bookmaker for Australian Sports betting. 

Click here to understand the fundamentals of how margins work, including how to calculate them yourself.

We’ve made significant enhancements to our Handicap, Money Line and Total points markets across these three sports.. This is much smaller compared to our competitors who offer margins ranging from 5-6%. 

Still want to bet more? As bettors at Pinnacle Sports you can build positions with successive bets to increase your stake and therefore, potential winnings.

With winner’s welcome, best odds, unrivalled margins and huge limits on AFL, Super 15 Rugby and NRL, Pinnacle Sports is the smart choice when betting on Australian Sports.

In layman’s terms, betting with the lowest margins at Pinnacle Sports will give you better odds for your favourite Australian sports, presenting you with the best potential value on the market, which translate to bigger potential wins.

Not only do we not restrict winning players, we encourage them. Unlike other bookmakers offering odds on Australian Sports – who are prone to closing successful bettors accounts – Pinnacle Sports welcomes winning players.

You can rebet up to the maximum limit – whether the price has changed or not – once a short period of time has elapsed.

Below is a table outlining the standard limits for the ‘Big Three’ Australian sports, but will vary game-to-game, and may increase in key matches:

So what does this mean for you the bettor? 

We are offering unrivalled margins of just 2.5% for Money Lines and Handicaps on the ‘Big Three’ Australian sports, with Totals at 3.84%. we won’t ban you if you are a successful bettor.


Handicap (AUD)

Money Line (AUD)

Totals (AUD)





Super 15








The ‘Big Three’ Australian Sports

The 2015 Super 15 season exploded into life in February, and you can bet on all games at Pinnacle Sports, while close to game day props are also available

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Kieran O'Donnell

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