Mar 6: Premier Li Keqiang said Wednesday that China would “declare war on pollution,” acknowledging that it was a major problem for the country. More

Oct 17: Economists surveyed by CNNMoney estimated China’s local government debt levels reached 14.1 trillion yuan to 19.7 trillion yuan by the end of last year, or roughly one-third of the country’s gross domestic product. More

Aug 18: Silicon Valley has a reputation as a boys club. More

Jul 22: China’s central bank has taken a tentative step toward interest rate liberalization in a move that could foreshadow major changes in the country’s banking sector. More

Aug 8: Inflation remained subdued in China last month and well below the government’s official target. More

Jun 9: Some of China’s millionaires have an unusual problem: They’re having trouble giving their money away. More

Jul 25: China’s government has announced a host of minor stimulus measures as its leaders confront a slowing economy. Seven of them were halted for surging past new limits that are supposed to protect investors from speculation. More

Nov 20: After months of steady progress and faster growth, China’s factories have hit a minor speed bump. Deutsche Bank has started offering an exchange-traded fund on the New York Stock Exchange that gives Americans more direct access to mainland stocks. More

Sep 30: Factories in China continued to gain momentum in September, but the moderate pace of growth raised questions about the strength of recovery in the world’s second largest economy. after a series of food scares damaged confidence in local supplies. More

Jun 27: China announced a new anti-dumping duty on Thursday that targets chemical producers in European Union. More

Mar 20: China’s yuan has tumbled to its lowest level in a year, just days after the country’s central bank doubled its trading range against the dollar. More

Jan 1: Burying the dead is becoming big business in China due to an aging population and strict observance of elaborate rituals. More

Jan 22: China’s factories have lurched into 2014 at a reduced speed, with manufacturing activity falling to a six-month low. More

Oct 17: China’s economy powered ahead in the third quarter, gaining strength and taking some pressure off the country’s leaders as they seek to execute painful structural reforms. More

Feb 20: Fine art buys are all the rage in the shadowy world of Chinese offshore money laundering. More

Nov 5: The Chinese economy must achieve growth of at least 7.2% in order to keep job creation at an acceptable level of 10 million a year, Premier Li Keqiang has warned. More

Nov 19: China’s economic reform agenda could benefit range of industries, from baby formula makers to construction companies. More

Oct 31: China’s factory activity picked up speed in October, the latest sign of sustained positive momentum in the world’s second-largest economy. That’s better than the growth reported earlier this year but another deceleration may be just around the corner. More

Jan 13: One of Asia’s most successful tech entrepreneurs said Monday that China will always be a tough market for foreign businesses to crack. More

Mar 4: China’s annual parliamentary meetings kick off Wednesday, and all eyes are focused on the government’s progress on key reforms outlined last year. More

Aug 21: China seems to be on the up and up as factory activity stabilizes, boosting optimism of continued growth in the world’s second-biggest economy. More

Jul 18: A global survey finds a growing number of people around the world think China will supplant the United States as the world’s top superpower. More

Feb 9: China is failing to collect billions in taxes from some of its wealthiest citizens, hampering efforts to tackle a widening gap between rich and poor. More

Jun 24: The People’s Bank of China told the country’s largest banks Monday to rein in risky loans and improve their balance sheets, a warning that sent a jolt through already unsettled equity markets. More

Nov 10: What began as a holiday for singles has morphed into China’s busiest online shopping day. That’s not the case in China, where some tech firms are making progress on gender diversity. More

Nov 12: China’s Communist Party wrapped up a key four-day meeting with a pledge to keep firm control of the economy while allowing a bigger role for markets as it looks for new ways to create jobs and growth. More

Jun 7: The U.K. More

May 20: Property prices continued to rise last month in China, defying policymakers who have sought to cool the housing market while preserving robust economic growth. More

Jan 10: China is poised to become the world’s top trading nation, a position long held by the United States. More

Jan 21: Eight companies went public in China on Tuesday. More

Jul 29: China and the European Union have reached an agreement over low-cost solar panels that should help reduce tensions between the key trading partners. More

Sep 30: China cut the ribbon on its new free trade zone in Shanghai on Sunday, and the government has promised to deliver a wide range of reforms to develop the economy. More

Mar 19: American companies operating in China expect slower revenue growth, investment and expansion this year. More

Jun 25: China’s central bank has allowed inter-bank borrowing costs to rise rapidly in recent days, a strategy that has the country’s shadow bankers on the run. More

Oct 14: If you want to get a snapshot of China’s economic plans and priorities, follow the pandas. More

Mar 20: China’s economy appears to be slowing, a trend that could force Beijing to put much-needed economic reforms on hold. More

Dec 15: After a long period of steady progress and faster growth, China’s factories have lost some momentum in the final months of the year. More

Mar 7: A small Chinese solar firm has defaulted on its debt — the first of its kind for China — perhaps pointing to the end of 11th-hour government bailouts for troubled enterprises. More

Dec 26: A recent government think tank report estimates China’s total government debt is expected to have hit $4.6 trillion, or roughly 53% GDP, by the end of 2012. More

Mar 13: Copper prices are tumbling on fears China’s slowing economy could push more companies into default and flood markets with metal used to finance their debt. instead of Hong Kong has raised questions over whether the Asian city will ever regain its IPO crown. More

Jun 25: The Shanghai Composite continued to reel Tuesday, dropping as much as 5.6% — and then gaining it all back — as investors worried over credit conditions in China. More

Jul 13: The pace of China’s economic growth is stagnating, according to a CNNMoney survey. More

Jul 23: China’s factories are faltering again, raising the prospect of even slower growth in the world’s second-biggest economy. More

Nov 5: A highly anticipated meeting of the China’s Communist party central committee later this week comes at a critical moment, and is presumed to mark a new era of economic change. More

Nov 18: China released its first major reform plan on Friday, the result of a four-day meeting in Beijing of top Communist party officials. More

Mar 14: China looks ready to let more companies go to the wall as part of its economic reforms, shaking financial markets that are used to the government bailing out investors at the last minute. More

Mar 15: Central bank of China says it will allow a wider range of yuan trading against the dollar. More

Nov 13: This week’s four-day meeting of China’s top Communist officials was regarded as a make-or-break moment for economic reform but may have raised more questions than it answered. Move marks another step in government’s push to open up economy and markets. And many of them are looking to do it overseas. More

Mar 4: China has set its economic growth goal at 7.5% this year, amid mounting economic and social reform challenges. dollar. More

Apr 10: Fitch Ratings has issued a warning over excessive debt levels in China, arguing that a surge in credit and a reliance on murky lending practices have increased the chance of financial instability. More

Jun 10: In Beijing, the phrase “Chinese Dream” is everywhere. More

Mar 31: Activity in China’s manufacturing sector accelerated in March, bolstering hopes for a more robust economic recovery this year. What’s new is which market, and why. More

Jul 15: China’s economy grew slightly faster than expected in the second quarter, amid continued worries over the country’s all-important real estate sector. More

Jun 26: A mysterious Chinese businessman with plans to cut a second canal across Central America said Tuesday that the ambitious project has already attracted some initial investment. More

Dec 18: China is slowly relaxing its grip on the yuan, allowing it to hit record highs against the U.S. More

Jan 1: China’s factories lost some momentum in December, adding to worries that growth in the world’s second-largest economy may soften in the new year. More

Jan 28: China appears to have avoided a high-profile default that would have cost investors millions. More

Apr 9: Chinese families are scouring the globe for powdered baby milk, creating shortages as far afield as the U.K. More

Oct 23: China’s factory activity accelerated in October, the latest sign that the world’s second-largest economy is on solid footing. More

May 23: Fears of a slowdown in global growth were reinforced Thursday as a preliminary report on China’s manufacturing in May showed activity contracted for the first time in seven months. More

Dec 23: China’s central bank has only been microblogging for three weeks and it’s already used the country’s answer to Twitter to announce a crucial $50 billion cash injection. More

Jul 14: China’s economy grew at a slower pace in the second quarter, continuing a trend that could test the resolve of the country’s leaders as they seek to execute painful structural reforms. More

Nov 15: China has raced past India to become the world’s top gold consumer as incomes rise and investors look for alternatives to stocks and real estate. More

Aug 13: The rapid redrawing of the world’s energy map is about to hit another milestone, as China overtakes the U.S. More

Jun 21: China’s bid to control surging real-estate prices and a head off a credit bubble could mean weaker growth in the world’s second biggest economy this year. More

Jan 19: China’s economy advanced at a faster pace last year than the government’s official target. More

May 29: The IMF lowered its growth forecast for China Wednesday, saying the world’s second largest economy must bring a rapid expansion in credit under control and combat rising income inequality. More

Dec 12: Hong Kong’s weak IPO pipeline is getting a boost from an unlikely source — China’s ballooning bad debt. More

Mar 17: Chinese tech giant Alibaba’s decision to list in the U.S. More

Jun 13: Another product, steel tubes, was added Thursday to the growing list of goods currently subject to a trade dispute between Europe and China. More

May 9: China’s wealthiest citizens are looking to secure their riches and improve the quality of their lives. More

12:38am: China’s factories slumped in March, dropping to its lowest in 11 months, according to an early gauge of activity in the country’s all-important manufacturing sector. That trend may well continue, especially as Beijing seeks to bolster the currency’s global role. More

Jul 14: A runaway real estate sector poses the greatest risk to growth in China, according to a CNNMoney survey. More

Oct 14: Economists surveyed by CNNMoney forecast China GDP growth of 7.8% in the third quarter. More

Jun 24: Monday’s sell-off in China stocks is a response to a less investor-friendly government but ultimately it will make the banks safer. More

Mar 19: A Chinese real estate developer is on the verge of bankruptcy, adding to hints the government is willing to let some pawns fall as it moves toward a more market-oriented economy. More

Jun 4: The European Commission says it will impose provisional tariffs on solar panels imported from China, accusing exporters of flooding the EU at prices way below production cost. More

Aug 12: Starting a business in China can be a difficult process filled with regulatory hassles, convoluted rules and plenty of potential pitfalls. More

Apr 22: Factory activity in China grew at a slower pace in April, the latest in a series of data points indicating weakness in the world’s second largest economy. More

Jan 16: China’s GDP grew by 7.7% in 2013 over the previous year, according to a CNNMoney survey, reflecting stronger growth than the government’s 7.5% target. More

Apr 1: Two leading cities in China have announced new efforts to cool their property markets amid a return to rapidly rising housing prices. More

Jul 10: A raft of data suggests economic growth in China is slowing, a trend that will test the resolve of the country’s leaders as they seek to execute painful but necessary structural reforms. More

Jul 29: China has a government debt problem — but even Beijing doesn’t know exactly what is lurking on the books of local and provincial governments. But what does it mean? More

Jun 20: China’s factories are faltering again, pointing to slowing growth in the world’s second-biggest economy and raising pressure on the country’s central bank to relax policy even as it tries to contain an explosion of credit. should monitor the operations of Chinese telecom Huawei within its borders more closely to reduce the risk of cyberattacks, according to a parliamentary report published this week. More

Aug 1: Are China’s factories picking up speed or slowing down? Turns out it depends on who you ask. More

Apr 14: Gross domestic product grew by 7.7% for the first three months of the year, slightly stronger than the government’s target of 7.5% but well below analyst expectations and weaker than the previous quarter. More

Aug 15: it’s no surprise that unusual activity is afoot on the mainland markets. More

Apr 17: Home prices continued to climb in China last month as buyers rushed to complete sales before new government efforts to cool the country’s property market kicked in. More

Apr 8: China’s economy is slowing and growth in 2014 could fall short of the government’s official target, according to a CNNMoney survey of economists. as the biggest importer of oil. More

Jan 28: China’s expanding anti-corruption crackdown shows no sign of slowing and it’s leading to hints of wear and tear in the world’s second largest economy. More

. More

Sep 11: The 59-year-old Wang Jianlin saw his wealth more than double in a year to $22 billion, making him the richest man in China by a long shot as he expands his business empire around the world. Shanghai markets have fallen around 5% while underdog Shenzhen has soared 16% More

Mar 27: A bank run in an eastern Chinese province has highlighted the need for the central government to speed up financial reforms for greater stability. More

Dec 23: China’s central bank has been forced to pump nearly $50 billion into the financial system to prevent a second damaging cash crunch this year. Uh-oh. More

Dec 2: Regulators in China have pledged to end the country’s yearlong moratorium on IPOs and reform the way companies are approved for public trading on stock exchanges. More

Apr 23: Yum said Wednesday that same-store sales in China dropped 20% in the first quarter, as it continues to grapple with the fallout from a food safety scandal and fears over a new strain of bird flu. More

Nov 7: Things just a little easier for investors who crave a slice of China’s markets. More

Mar 31: Analysts say that China’s factories have not yet emerged from their funk, despite some positive government data released Tuesday. More

Jan 5: China has just scrapped its controversial limit on rare earth exports, a move that could increase global access to materials used in a wide range of high tech devices.

Jul 10: The parent company of KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut had another rough quarter in China. More

Apr 8: China sought Monday to reassure foreign investors, saying it would never close its doors to the outside world and was committed to improving the business climate

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men in the southeast Asian nation, as an example of an oligarch

who benefited while the poor suffered.

“If it is profitable then we will finetune,” she said,

adding the issuance of permits will be “very transparent”.

* After drugs crackdown, Duterte turns his guns on gambling

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The Philippine gaming industry is one of Asia’s most

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Domingo said Pagcor will also not renew the licenses of

other e-bingo and e-games operators when they expire.

* Not renewing permits for services used by poor Filipinos

(Reporting by Enrico dela Cruz; Editing by Susan Fenton)

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who has already

unleashed a crackdown on drugs, is turning his guns on a booming

online gaming industry and this month scrapped one firm’s

monopoly of gambling in licensed online cafes.

* Govt wants gambling operators to target overseas punters

By Enrico Dela Cruz. “There

might be no takers, or there could be many applicants.”

Duterte this month refused to renew the exclusive license of

Philweb Corp, the operator of more than 300 cafes

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give any idea of how much they will cost.

“We don’t know yet how saleable it is,” she said.

Domingo said the fees collected from the new licences could

help offset the loss of about 10 billion pesos ($215 million) in

annual revenues following the government’s decision not to renew

the licenses of operating e-bingo and e-games outlets.

She did not stipulate how many of these licences for

offshore gaming would be offered, but said they would be issued

for six months initially and that Pagcor plans to charge “high


The permits will be offered on a first-come-first-serve

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Mental and physical health problems, financial issues, and conflicts in the family are among the common negative effects of gambling. Their mental state can even lead to suicidal tendencies.

? Gambling is practiced as a means of recreation. According to the National Research Council, 10 to 17% of the children of problem gamblers have been abused and so have 25 to 50% of the partners of problems gamblers.

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? According to a study by the George State University, 50% of the problem gamblers commit crime. A study by the same university suggested that 73% of the individuals who are imprisoned are found to be problem gamblers.

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? Down with the Sickness – Disturbed

? Basketball Jones – Cheech and Chong

? Time to Play the Game – Drowning Pool

? This is The Moment – The Moody Blues

? Snake Devil – Scary Kids Scaring Kids

? Let’s Get It Started – Black Eyed Peas

? Five Finger Death Punch – White Knuckles

?Bulls on Parade – Rage Against the Machine

? Till I Collapse – Eminem featuring Nate Dogg

? All These Things That I’ve Done – The Killers

? When You Believe – Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston

? Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) – Baz Luhrmann

? Killing in the Name – Rage Against The Machine

Music has an instant and intense effect on our minds. Such songs that re-energize you are called pump up songs, because they pump up adrenaline levels. You can listen to these songs while traveling, while exercising, or whenever you need to feel active. Enjoy the music!

We all need motivation to achieve our goals, to develop a positive attitude, and more importantly, to lead a happy and peaceful life. And when it comes to the sources of motivation, listening to music can be one of the best methods to boost our self-confidence. Here you’ll find a list of the best pump up songs …. Top 10 Pump Up Songs Ever

? Lose Yourself – Eminem

? Titanium – David Guetta feat. And with the help of these wonderful pump up tracks, you can certainly motivate yourself and boost your confidence level. When it comes to the music genre of pump up songs, there are no rules. It can be hip hop, rock, or rap

This article explains the process for the main bookmakers in the UK.

By early January 2013, I was heavily overdrawn and realized that my gambling was no longer fun and if I was to keep my self out of trouble I would need to take some serious action.

Soon, I found myself logging into my William Hill account first thing in the morning and then every fifteen minutes whilst I worked from home. I went from making risk free bets to making one off £1.00 bets until I was regularly spending £50.00 on a single spin.

Self Exclusion on Gambling Sites

Online gambling can be fun hobby if you are able to set your limits and control your spending. Generally the sites will not discourage you and instead assist you if you want their help. Below, I will let you know my experience with each company. I made the decision to permanently disable all my online gambling accounts. You can do it. I found out about these risk free bets through a very popular money saving website based in the UK.

I first tried to cancel my accounts but within a day I had reactivated them and was gambling again. I had a talent or a knack for gambling and I took my winnings up to £600.00.

Once you lose the ability to control your spending, your best course of action is to remove your access from your favorite sites. However if we were all capable of doing that, then there would be no profits for the online bookmakers.. I read through William Hill’s responsible gambling guide and found out about self exclusion. While the bets were risk free, though, I found myself hooked on the spinning wheels and bonus rounds. However, deleting your account is not enough as you can reopen your account at any time. To fully disable any access to your online account you will need to enter into a “self exclusion” agreement with the company involved. The forums on the money saving site were full of people bragging about four-figure wins from these bets.

My Experience with Gambling Sites

Towards the end of 2011, I began taking advantage of risk free bets on the William Hill website. Good luck!


If you feel that your gambling is no longer under your control, then the option to disable your accounts for a set period of time is available

There are plenty of other ways to network this opportunity and build a prosperous business. When the sporting event finally happens you will win one bet and lose another. Using a calculator provided by the arbitrage trading program, it will tell you how much money to bet on each team. There is more to arbitrage than this but all the considerations have been built into a piece of software so you would not have to worry. What these people won’t tell you is that there is a secret to making money when it comes to betting on sports.

Is it possible to create a business out of arbitrage trading? Yes, it is very possible. You can place as many bets per day as you like. The result is a profit to you, no matter who wins the event. For example, in an upcoming sporting event the Philadelphia Eagles and Denver Broncos are scheduled to play. If you haven’t heard about arbitrage trading by now, it’s definitely something worth taking a look at.

Copyright 2005 Timothy Rohrer

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Arbitrage trading is a system where you trade with two different bookmakers who have opposing views on the outcome of an upcoming event on the same event. Only recently has arbitrage trading software made it possible for the average person to place bets in sports gambling and win 100% of the time.

Sports’ gambling is becoming widely accepted across the internet and raking in enormous amounts of cash for many active sports gamblers. As a sports gambler using arbitrage trading software, you cannot only bet on sporting events, but also build an actual business. Your bets can range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. For years arbitrage trading has been placed in the” too hard” basket for the vast majority of people and therefore is not widely known. Given a little time and effort anyone can make a substantial amount of money through arbitrage trading.

Sports Gambling

 by: Timothy Rohrer

This article was posted on November 18, 2005. How much money can you make with an arbitrage trading software program? The amount of money you can make depends on the amount of money you bet per trade. Because these two bookkeepers disagree on the outcomes of the sporting event, there are small profit margins to capitalize on in the spread where you can make a nice profit.

Currently, gamblers are using a no risk software program that allows them to place two timely bets where they cannot lose