Dropshipping France

Dropshipping France

Online shopping is a multibillion-dollar business, why not become part of it?  In France dropshipping has become a popular way to enter the retail market.  Now you might be wondering what is dropshipping?  The simple answer is: dropshipping is an online store where you sell a product and the supplier ships it to the customer.  Want more detail, keep reading.

How does dropshipping work?

First, the customer places an order from your online store paying the retail cost.  You then submit that order to the supplier paying the wholesale cost. The supplier ships the order to the customer, so you never have to store any products. The customer pays the higher cost and you keep the difference.

How does it look financially?

The customer creates a $100 order at retail.  The wholesale value is $75.   Your store profits $25.    

Dropshipping steps in France:

Step one: Choose the product or products you want to sell.  Look online to find popular products that you can sell on your online boutique.  Many dropshippers recommend Facebook ads or Instagram to find what is hot right now.  Products can range from accessories, clothes, make-up, or pet supplies.  Once you have decided on the products you would like to sell think about who would like these items and begin marketing to them.  Ask yourself are these products geared towards men or women, single or married individuals, what age range would be interested in this product. Find your niche and cater to your audience with the proper products.

Step two: Build your online store.  Your online store is a website that links your product to your customers.  It is recommended to begin with a shop on Shopify or Dropizi.  In France, Dropizi is becoming quite popular as the website it is cheaper than Shopify and written in French.  To build an online store on Dropizi you will simply sign up for the service and begin adding products to sell using sites like AliExpress and their dropshipping program.

Step three: Registering your business.  It is important that you register your new dropshipping business with the l’URSSAF and pay the proper taxes.  Registering as an autoentrepreneur is free.  Be sure to report all activity of your business.

Step four: Create your first ad.  Decide how best to market your dropshipping items.  Are you advertising in a way it appeals to the pleasure sensors of the brain to gain the impulse buy or are you marketing your products on a necessity level, this item is a need in the customers’ life?

Step five: Follow the proven dropshipping techniques.  There are tons of blogs and vlogs that can help guide you through the process of opening and promoting your dropshipping boutique. 

There is some additional cost to take into account.  Those costs include a domain name, website hosting, and ads, to name a few.  Remember your dropshipping site will take time to grow and become fruitful do not be concerned if the few weeks you sell none to a very little amount.  With time, research, and development of understanding how to formulate a successful dropshipping boutique is possible.  

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