Trending Online Jobs in France

Trending Online Jobs in France

The definition of a job has changed drastically over the last 20 years thanks to the internet. Many people have decided to shift their career to an online platform in place of a brick and mortar office space. If you’ve just moved to or plan to move to France the digital nomad lifestyle might be a fit for you to make money and enjoy the country. Here are five great online job options in France. 

Online Tutor:  This is a great job that allows you to set your own hours and pay, plus it’s virtually free.  Choose a subject you are confident in and sign up with a service directory such as Superprof that will be a link to eager students ready to pay to learn.

Translator:  You’re living in France and you’ve gotten pretty good with the language, perhaps it’s time to turn your talent into cash.  Much line online tutor as a translator you can choose your hours and pay. You can create a profile on sites such as Fiverr to offer your services. *side note make sure you specify whether you are translating text and not a transcribing.

Transcriber: We just went over the translation another option is transcribing, which is typing audio files into transcripts.  This job is for those with a trained ear for a language and is an outstanding typist.  Freelance sites like  Upwork can help you start a lucrative career. 

Influencer/Vlogger:  Social media is king of the internet.  Becoming an influencer or vlogger takes time, but with a steady growing fan base, you can begin to be offered or even request sponsorships from a number of companies. All you need to start is a topic, a camera or smartphone and a social media account such as YouTube or Instagram.  Release content regularly and promote yourself to gain followers. 

Web Developer/Designer:  Now, this job will take a little more training than some others, but the payout may be worth it. is a great place to start learning. A Web Developer or Designer can earn a starting wage of $40,000 a year, many companies allow you to work remotely so you can code from the comfort of your home.  

There are plenty of opportunities to work online while living in France. Freelance work is great for those who are living abroad, it allows them to enjoy their new country while making money. 

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